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    • Viking Sport by SnowMusicStudio

      Epic medieval and celtic background music track. Perfect for sport trailers, video games, game trailers, movies, films, soundtracks, documentaries, blockbusters, cartoons, animations, medieval related videos, fantasy related projects, advertising, commercials and more.

      The Scottish Sunrise by AG Music

      Pleasant calm melody reminiscent of awakening in the forest. Featuring a combination of musical instruments such as bagpipes, flute and sampled birdsong. Feel free to use this melody in various multimedia projects.

      Forest Awakening by Yuri Rozenfeld

      A Scottish music played by a flute and bagpipes. This serene melody floats up through the heaven, mountains and rivers, forests and oceans. Ideal background for the Celtic theme projects, St.Patrick day celebration, travel documentaries, historical events, or heroic tales.

      Highland Scottish Bagpipes by Matteo Bosi

      Solemn background music loop with a Celtic flavor, featuring bagpipes. Great for traditional Middle Age festivals, Medieval England, Scotland's culture, Scottish history, patriotic campaign music, epic-scale historical drama, like Braveheart.

      Scottish Legend by Geoff Harvey

      I like to think of how an Italian city could have been in the 14th century, amidst gallant atmospheres and village festivals. The track is perfectly completed even if it is not used in a loop.

      Medieval Street by Raffaele De Leonardo

      A Scottish hymn with bagpipes and marching drums. Perfect for Celtic projects, games and as alternative music for "BraveHeart" kind of soundtrack.

      Celtic Forest by Yuri Rozenfeld

      Scotland's national traditional instrument, the bagpipes, appears throughout this military style drum march track.

      Medieval Village by Roman Cano

      Medieval and Celtic track featuring harp, nyckelharpa, and flute. Perfect for medieval and fantasy video games and documentaries.

      Medieval Adventure by Michael Adels

      Traditional Scottish folk music with the feeling of independence, hope, and honor, featuring bagpipes. Great for the celebration of St. Patricks Day events, film scenes about glory and death, travelogue, and every project needing Celtic vibe and feel.

      Colors Of Scotland by Bernard Pintar

      A hypnotic, military bagpipe marching tune. Perfect for video games, video projects, St. Patricks Day events. Ideal for the historical documentary about Medieval Europe, Celts, the culture of Scotland.

      Forest Girl by Yuri Rozenfeld

      Epic soundtrack with Scottish instruments and phrases. Using Scottish Bog Whistle, Bog Accordion, Flutes, Ides Bagpipe, March Snare, Drum and Orchestra.

      The Lilies Of The Field by Erick McNerney

      Easy-going, Celtic Folk melody in a reggae style. The lead tools are synthesizer and harmonica. Suitable for all kinds of multimedia projects.

      Modern Times by Jack White

      Funny folk-music. Bagpipes and ukulele duo creates a unique atmosphere serene village life. Made with love, soul and skill!

      It's Only Now by Jack White

      Hopeful acoustic folk with warm Ukulele melody, bagpipes and steel guitar strums. Uplifting and inspiring underscore for nature, road trip and optimistic scenes in a traditional British atmosphere. Simple, friendly and sentimental music.

      Celtic Wars by Erick McNerney

      Medieval style background music performed with bagpipes, strings and celtic percussions. Perfect for documentaries about Scotland, Celtic warriors in kilts etc.

      Motivational Bagpipes by Erick McNerney

      A strangely motivational piece featuring the bagpipes and authentic medieval instruments. It has a rhythmic drive and tenacious energy.

      Myths And Legends by Jon Wright

      Epic track with lots of medieval instruments like the hurdy gurdy or dulcimer. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games.

      Daybreak by Jack White

      An epic, cinematic, uplifting orchestral track with glorious horns, powerful percussion and ethnic celtic instruments. An intimate, atmospheric start builds soon builds to a triumphant climax. Great for game and movie trailers and projects that need a confident, energetic soundtrack.

      Real Sounding Medieval Dance by Matteo Bosi

      An original medieval dance all played live with acoustic instruments (no samples were used). Perfect for fantasy video, games, projects or for documentaries. Very lively mood

      Cow Saddle by Alex Grey

      Celtic funny folk melody played on krumhorn with saxophone and acoustic guitar.

      Tell Me When by Jack White

      Fields Of Hope by Dvir Zilverstone

      Scottish Dance by Muhammad Affan

      Into My Arms by Jack White

      I Look For You by Jack White

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    Bagpipes are musical instruments that produce sound output depending on the wind blowing into the bag. It's a tubular instrument that has a bag and drone. The air is blown into the bag, which comes out through the drone to produce the desired music.

    Bagpipe music has seen more than four millennium years. The Bagpipe instruments are said to exist from 1,300 B.C. This is the oldest musical instrument present in the market now. Though it may have undergone many changes, the basic phenomenon and working mechanism have remained the same. A Bagpipe instrument player is called a 'piper'.

    When the bagpiper blows air into the bag through a Blowpipe, the bag holds the air and regulates the airflow through the drone when the piper compresses the bellow. The drone tuner attached to the bag adjusts the pitch and frequency of the output sound. As Bagpipe instruments are used in all countries' music, many different types of Bagpipes are available. Those bagpipes follow the same mechanism but differ in shape, size, cost, output sound range, etc. Great Highland Bagpipe, Austrian Guita, Galcian Guita, Pastoral Pipes, small Scottish pipes, etc., are some popular types of Bagpipes. In 20th century bagpipe Music were used also in folk music, rock music, jazz and other music styles.

    Bagpipe instruments are portable and small and can be carried in hand easily. It produces high-pitch output very easily without any sound amplifiers.

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